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If you’re having sex simply for pleasure

By | Juni 25, 2014

It’s summer and Florida, mid 90s Fahrenheit and humid, and I go swimming almost every day. The long and short is, I didn’t think to take my diaphragm out beforehand. D’oh!When I took it out this evening, a little pool of warm, chlorinated water trickled out with it, much to my dismay. dildos Of… Read More »

, another $100 a month if I lucky

By | Juni 25, 2014

I actually feel that this thing is pretty toxic to a good PvP environment. Anyone with even mediocre reflexes and a little bit of practice can parry most anything. It is particularly frustrating that one successful parry is now essentially a death sentence if your opponent has a dagger. canada goose store Or perhaps lil… Read More »